our inspiration

Throughout the ages, humans everywhere, have gone off the grid for inspiration. In facing nature and the elements, we found something bigger, wilder, and more potent than ourselves. We became curious, we became explorers, we became responsible.

We were high-achievers in a busy, urban environment dissatisfied with ‘prestige’ products that over-promised and under-delivered. We went off the grid and found solace in the rugged natural beauty of the Australian wilderness. The abundant sensory experiences, the extravagant colours, sumptuous textures, sounds and smells of the earth, gave us new perspective and helped us refocus upon returning to our desks.

We created Ambitist for people who expect more: form and function, indoors and outdoors, work and play. Beginning with suncare, we make personal care in small batches, with care and respect for materials.

We’re inspired by and study the natural world, where everything lives grows, dies and becomes a resource to the next cycle. We believe man-made things should also follow a natural cycle of growth and decay.

We strive to minimise waste and run a lean operation with circular design principles at our heart. We re-invest into the artistic community to make experiences, tell stories and create new ways to see the outdoors in a new light.

We celebrate a thirst for adventure, hunger for new challenges, growth in character, creativity, and contribution in our short time on this beautiful planet. In short, we exist to create off the grid essentials for explorers.

Our Products

Ambitist’s mission is to craft beautiful, practical, outdoor-inspired products that tested under the most rigorous conditions on the planet and gives back to the environment.

Inspired by the rugged beauty of the Australian landscape, Ambitist’s suncare range is crafted from rare essential oils and powerful botanical extracts found only on this wild continent. All products are made in Australia from responsibly-sourced, cruelty-free ingredients that are certified organic.

Our flagship sun care product “Cue the Sun" is mineral-based and free from chemical UV absorbers, making it coral-reef friendly. Last but not least, the thoughtfully-designed jars are 100% compostable (decomposing in soil or seawater within 3-6 months), ensuring they leave a minimal impact on the planet.


highly portable products designed to go the distance, withstanding the most rigorous conditions, no matter where your next adventure leads.

made for humans

responsibly-sourced, cruelty-free, certified organic ingredients that are as natural and chemical-free as possible, good for people and the planet.

inspired by nature

infused with rare essential oils and powerful botanical extracts harvested from native Australian wildflowers and plants.