We are now paying the price for exploiting what was previously thought permanent. Growing up in Australia, I witnessed first-hand the thinning ozone layer and its impact on melanoma rates, coral bleaching and loss of biodiversity in my lifetime. The environment is not an “externality”, we depend on it. To care for the planet is to care for ourselves

systemic solutions

We’re living in the age of the Anthropocene, and it’s arisen because of systemic problems. We can learn from lessons of the past, we can invest in sustainable solutions that endure, not just one-off projects that make us feel better about ourselves. We changed the planet once, we can do it again.


true riches

Our status anxiety and desperate quest for material possessions has led to mammoth waste and long-term damage. We have taken nature’s abundance for granted and blinded ourselves to the true cost of our choices, not only to the environment but ourselves. True wealth arises from enjoying, not exploiting, earth’s natural wonders.